AI Vehicle Tracking

With our system, every incoming vehicle can be tracked by high-resolution I.R. cameras that can automatically detect, recognize and track license plates. It can automatically keep track of the vehicle count, proccessing incoming and outgoing customer traffic. Our system then matches this data with payment data and employee data to track chain of custody and give you the oversight you need as a lot owner/operator. Usage of whitelists for vehicles on the premises helps distinguish between customers and monthly users or garage staff vehicles. We aim to let you never miss one car and one dollar payment. We also provide a ticket printer that is connected to the system and prints tickets and receipts automatically, saving attendants precious time.

Key Highlights

  • Automatic Vehicle Counts
  • Matches Vehicle Plates to Customer Data
  • Automatically Tracks Time & Cost
  • Generates Tickets for Customers
  • Stops Theft by Cash-Handling Attendants

Quick Case Study

“One parking garage owner heard a lot attendant whom he had hired a couple of year prior, tell everyone at work that he was buying a house in a decent part of town. The owner couldn’t figure out how that was possible on an attendant salary. Upon some investigation, the owner figured out he was skimming cash off the top and coming up with ways to use the lot to make profit for himself that couldn’t be easily detected by the owner for several years.”
- Parking Lot Owner, NY

Garage Management

We have develped a system for parking garages to use in their daily operations. Offerring a simple and low-cost solution to allsize garages that comes complete with vehicle ticketing system, point-of-sale features, lot attendant clock-in and even a website for your customers. Easily intergrates with a code scanner tool to make speed of service fast and easy.

Package Overview

  • Website For Your Customers
  • Online Management System
    • Ticketing System to Manage Vehicles
    • Point-of-Sale Element for Payments
    • Employee/Attendant Clock-in Features
    • Activity & Sales Reports
  • Mobile App for Customer Reservations

Website Component

Management Interface

The Parking App (Coming Soon)

Simple Pricing Structure

Lot Size Old Price New Price
UP to 60 $90.00 $60/week
60-120 $120.00 $90/week
120+ $150 $120/week

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