Garage Management Tools

We have develped a system for parking garages to use in their daily operations. Offerring a simple and low-cost solution to allsize garages that comes complete with vehicle ticketing system, point-of-sale features, lot attendant clock-in and even a website for your customers. Easily intergrates with a code scanner tool to make speed of service fast and easy.

Package Overview

  • Website For Your Customers
  • Online Management System
    • Ticketing System to Manage Vehicles
    • Point-of-Sale Element for Payments
    • Employee/Attendant Clock-in Features
    • Activity & Sales Reports
  • Mobile App for Customer Reservations

Component Overview

Management Interface

The management interface is the central point of the system. This interface allows your employees/attendants to clock-in for work, provides attendants with built in point-of-sale features that speed up service times and also allows you to track business operations.

Mobile Application

The Parking app allows your customers to make parking spots bookings or reservations on the go. The app can also be utilized for faster customer vehicle check-in processing. Users can also set up their profile for fast payment and check-in, making the entire garage visit easy and hassle-free.

Customer Website

OPERR can provide your parking garage with a customer website so your customers are able to make reservations with your garage. Additionally, payments and bookings can be done with this website and it can be made to match your company's branding.

The Customer Website

The Management Interface

The Parking App (Coming Soon)